IoT (Internet of Things), Laser Scanning, Software Development
About This Project

Precision Reality™ is a digital twin platform offering network, software, hardware, systems integration, infrastructure design and installation services.  Precision Reality leverages emerging technologies to capture, manage, and visualize data from central location creating a digital twin with real-time date feeds and notifications.

The basic process includes:

First, the facility or location is captured with a laser scanner to build a digital 3D blueprint of the environment.

Next, sensors are installed on critical systems and assets including HVAC, coolers, doors, vehicles, etc. to automate data collection.

Finally, the data streams are connected to the digital blueprint to complete the virtual replica with real-time data feeds and alert notifications.

Digital twins technology allows for immediate response to critical issues, decreasing operational downtime and increasing productivity. Analysis of usage data over time can be use to implement cost-saving, activity-based management.  The platform is scalable and flexible to accommodate business’ growing needs.  Learn more at