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The Next Industrial Revolution

Decisions are made in every enterprise around the globe without seeing the full picture.

Uncaptured, underutilized or incomplete data leads to a plateau of operational efficiency within an organization resulting in a lost opportunity for added return on investment.

Precision Reality™ is a robust enterprise platform with software, hardware, and related services that leverage emerging technologies to capture, manage, and visualize data in real time to increase return on innovation and return on investment.

Precision Reality™

A platform to manage assets and visualize solutions to make decisions faster

Creating new processes, new workflows, and new ways of doing business



Does your enterprise have a virtual reality strategy? A big data strategy? How are you tracking your assets?

DMI guides enterprises in harnessing the transformative power of emerging technology by creating a plan to optimize innovation in way that gives you immediate access to actionable data.  As a trusted advisor with years of industry experience, we provide the toolkit to accelerate the transformation of your data into action, changing the way you work, collaborate, and solve real-world problems.

Slide to Move from Point Cloud to Precision Reality™

Laser Scanning

Scan | Process | Visualize

The foundation for next level visualization begins with a laser scan. We’re able to capture your environment with a precision scanner to create a digital twin with realistic detail and true dimensions. Laser scanning delivers data and documentation for critical planning, design, and development operations. DMI also provides other support services from data migration to integration and installation.

Software & Hardware

Redefining Your Data Experience

The foundation of Precision Reality™ is our software portal, designed to ingest and store all of your data in one place to manage your assets in real-time.  Analyze, visualize, and experience your data with 360 views on your laptop or tablet or view in an immersive virtual reality environment where you can walk around the space, take measurements, and more.  Enterprise VR isn’t a way to escape reality like VR gaming, it’s a way to enhance reality with layers of real data.  The goal is to save time, not waste time, and solve real-world business problems.

Industries & Applications

Here’s a few areas where Precision Reality™ has had a major impact

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Precision Reality™

Imagine incorporating a technology that changed everything.

A disruption so simple, yet so profoundly game-changing.


DMI is built on a long-standing foundation of innovation, experience, & discipline

  1. DMI Pioneers AR/VR with United States Department of Defense

  2. DMI Continues to Develops Emerging Technology Solutions including Torch, an AR Sandbox

  3. DMI is Awaded Back-to-Back Intel Innovator of the Year in 2015 and 2016

  4. DMI Merges with II2A, Integrating Two Powerful Software Platforms

  5. Precision Reality™ Becomes the Cornerstone Solution Set for DMI, Aligning Software, Hardware, and Services


DMI has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering consistent & innovative results

Nathan Greiner

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Nathan has expertly combined his highly technical understanding of engineering principles with a distinct ability to manage operations. An entrepreneurial visionary, Nathan founded DMI in 2004, and as a result, his management and systems skills have provided valuable support for employees and clients.

CJ Kuehl


CJ has the unique ability to create and execute an idea into reality. He has created multiple multi-million dollar companies while leading and growing organizations. His leadership and financial background has helped create tremendous value to his clients, employees and organizations.


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